How deal with flower is aspersed hose leak

- Oct 09, 2017-


Analysis of water leakage caused by spray hose:

1. Possible reasons: improper installation, deformation of rubber ring, uneven or too thin out of water pipe joints, hose and floral mismatches.

Maintenance method: select the suitable hose and flower spray according to the specification, and replace the rubber ring and reinstall.

2. Possible cause: the hose ruptured.

Repair: replace a new hose.

3. Possible reasons: improper adjustment, more scale of foreign body.

Maintenance method: rotate the sprinkler head and adjust it. If not yet, take a shower shower nozzle in the middle of a small round cap with xiaoping screwdriver open mouth, put the screw twist by plum with a screwdriver down, open the flower is aspersed rinse with tooth brush shower hole, install the reduction again can.

Spray hose to replace:

The first step is to change the old hose, and use your hands to twist the flower hose from the shower and the faucet. Then replace the hose with a new one and twist it on the other end of the shower. Screw it on.

Choose the right shower hose:

Spray hose various metal hose, woven pipe, PVC reinforced pipe. Different materials have different writing, and there are no absolute answers. When buying at hardware store, you can compare several kinds of materials, the key surface flatness, the clearance evenly, the hand feeling smooth, the natural expansion, the structure is strong, the anti-destructive strong. In addition, the size of the spray hose should be matched with the spray. The normal size is 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. You can take the old hose and buy a new hose to make a comparison.