How do you change the hose

- Oct 09, 2017-

How do you change the hose? Floral sprinkles directly affect the texture of water, while sprinkling accessories will affect the comfort of use. Some brands of water pipe and special flexible lifting rod, tube and wire bending resistance material, joint is set against the twist tie ball bearing, even if you take a bath while dancing, the pipe will not "fight". The lifting rod is fitted with a rotating controller, which is easy to move vertically or horizontally. How to replace the spray hose?


How do you spray hose?

The first step is to change the old hose, and use your hands to twist the flower hose from the shower and the faucet. Then replace the hose with a new one and twist it on the other end of the shower. Screw it on. But with a little effort, the men usually do the work, and the girls are there to help and sweat.

Spray the hose to maintain it

Most of the shower hose leaks are related to improper use. We will find that the leaky parts are often the parts that are often bent, and these areas have long sustained heavy forces, so they are vulnerable to breakage. Therefore, we should try not to bend too much when we use the shower, not to hang it, so that the spray hose maintains the natural stretch.