What if the flower is blocked?

- Oct 09, 2017-


It can be used for a long time. It can be sprayed with rust and rust. Or because of quality problems, the city has filtered tap water, but there will still be a lot of impurities, again through the pipeline transportation and storage, will generate impurities again, causing the plughole jam.

What to do with a splash: cleaning the shower head

The water contains trace of silt, the flower asperses in the long use process, the sediment day accumulates, will gradually stop the drain hole of the flower sprinkles, even the spray inside also accumulates the sand stone. To clean the sand, the method is as follows:

1. Use a pin to poke the hole in the hole.

2, clean inside the flower is aspersed: removing the pipe head connected to the flower is aspersed, water tap water backwashing showers, then put it inside water, blocking water inlet, shook, quick release are dirty, so can be repeated several times, this approach is suitable for cleaning all the flower is aspersed; If the flower sprinkles can remove the flower asperses, want to clean inside is very simple, need to open a flower sprinkling head only, rinse with tap water is done.

What to do with a splash: cleaning the shower

1. Manual cleaning, soak white vinegar: remove the net mask or other parts of the adsorption scale from the head of the flower, and then use the brush to clean it and then return it to the original place. Some brand of flower asperses on sale when equipped with special flower sprinkles to open the tool, convenient consumer to use. White vinegar can easily be used to remove mineral deposits, and pay attention to the solution of dipping the flowers in 50/50 white vinegar and water for an hour.

2, hand wipe clean: this kind of flower is aspersed osculum adopts the design of rubber granule, rubber material is qualitative soft, comfortable, and not easy to scale, easy cleaning, just a finger lightly rubber particles, will scale grist, pop up easily. This kind of clean way makes good use of the characteristic of material, it is a kind of clean way that is popular in the market now.

3. Automatic cleaning: in order to avoid the blocking of water outlet due to bad water quality, many flower sprinkles have the function of automatically removing the scale. Because some kind of flower asperses have special structure, the scale in use process will be cleaned out automatically. For example, some sprinkles have a clean needle inside, and when the water is changed, the cleaning needle will pop up automatically and bring the scale out. This kind of flower asperses after use very long time best also will shower head open, come a total thorough manual cleanser, give your flower to asperse with the most careful maintenance.

How to do: pay attention to the cleaning considerations

1. Do not use strong acid when removing scale, so as not to cause corrosion on the surface.

2. Do not wipe the surface with hard objects such as steel balls to avoid scratching the surface of the faucet.

3. Please do not force the sprit to be maintained. Improper disassembling will damage the appearance and internal structure of the product.