A sprinkling of daily maintenance

- Oct 09, 2017-


1, using the environment temperature should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius, heat and uv light will greatly accelerate the ageing of the flower is aspersed, shorten the service life of the flower is aspersed, so the installation of the flower is aspersed as far as possible away from bath bully electric equipment such as heat source. Spray can not be placed under the bath bar, and the distance should be more than 60CM.

2. In the areas where the water is hard, please try to use the spray with glue particle outlet or the direct cleaning device, even if the shower hole is blocked by the scale, it is easier to clean. Be sure not to break down the shower. Because of the complex internal structure, the non-professional forcible removal will cause the shower to not return to the original.

3. When the switch flower is sprinkled with the faucet and adjust the spray to pour out the water, do not push too hard and turn gently. Even the traditional faucets do not need to be very powerful. Be careful not to support or use the handle of the faucet and the spout.

4. The metal hose with the shower head should be kept naturally and unfurled. Do not coil it on the tap without using it. At the same time, notice that the hose and the head of the faucet should not form a dead Angle, so as not to break or damage the hose.

5, every six months or a shorter time, the flower is aspersed will be removed in a small bowl, with edible flowers sprinkle the surface and internal water and white vinegar soak 4-6 hours, and then use cotton cloth gently wipe the surface of the flower is aspersed water mouth: to reload the joint after the water for a while, stay white vinegar and scale with the water out, in order to eliminate or reduce the influence of scale to spread, and can bring certain germicidal efficacy.

6. Often use soft cloth to rub a little flour onto the surface of the plating, then rinse it with water to make the surface bright as new.

The above is comfortable 100 small make up for you to introduce, the related knowledge that the flower asperses how to solve, hope the introduction above can be helpful to your life. In the past, friends often choose to change the shower when they are stuck in a shower, but it is not necessary. If you have a clogging phenomenon in your home, you can take a look at the methods described above.