How to install shower shower properly

- Oct 09, 2017-


Showers are easy to install, but many people don't know how high the shower is. Actually master the shower flower to shower installation height, oneself also can install shower flower asperse correctly.

In general, the ceiling height of the toilet is 2.2-2.4 m. The height of the tap water at fixed height can be 90 to 100 cm from the ground. The height of the tap water height can be about 60 to 80 cm.

Shower, bathtub tap

When you buy a shower, bath, and hang a wall, you can choose the right height to bury the pipe. The distance of the cold water pipe must reach 15 centimeters. Before installation, you must not forget to wash the water pipe, so as to avoid the water quality too hard, damage to the faucets. If the elbow between the faucet and the wall is too long, cut off part of the head, remember: the 6 points connected with the faucet cannot be cut.

Dark shower, bathtub tap

After buying the dark faucet, usually the valve core of the faucet is embedded in the wall. Pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before burial. The wall is too thin and the core will not be buried. The plastic cover of the valve core should not be removed easily before burying, so as to avoid the damage valve core of cement and other miscellaneous services. In addition, you should also pay attention to the top and bottom of the valve core when the core is embedded, so as not to be buried wrong. Before installing the constant temperature tap, please check whether the water pipe is hot or right, and don't mistake the hot water pipe to prevent the faucet from working properly. Gas, solar water heaters cannot use the constant temperature tap, because water pressure is too low. Don't forget to install the hot and cold water filter. The flower asperses when you install good shower, bath bibcock, need to install flower asperses to also don't forget the filter net that spends inside the tube. When installing flower asperses, water pressure must not too high, average 1-3 centimeters good, cannot exceed 5 kilograms. As high as water, it can also open the water flow limiter inside the leading valve core and reduce the water pressure, which can also achieve the effect of saving water.

How to install shower shower properly

Step 1: get ready to install the few tools needed to install the flower spout: drill, screwdriver, ruler, hammer.

Step 2: read the instructions, then measure the size with the tape measure, determine the location of the spout and the installation height of the spout, and mark it well.

Step 3: place the spout holder in a marked position and use a pencil to indicate the location of the hole.

Step 4: punch holes in the wall according to the position you just did.

Step 5: hammer the expansion sleeve of the expansion screw into the punched hole, then screw the round bottom cover of the parts to the wall.

Step 6: spray the pole on the wall, stabilize the above fixed point, then fix the position below.

Step 7: make a careful adjustment after adjusting the inner contact screw of the fixed fixed point.

Step 8: tighten the hose sleeve and install the hand shower. The installation step ends.