How to install the shower more easily

- Oct 09, 2017-


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1. After wrapping the two elbow joint, use the movable wrench to tighten the outlet joint of the two mounting holes in the wall, and ensure that the center distance of the two elbow joint is 150mm.

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2. Cover the elbows with two decorative covers;

3. Plug the mounting washer into the elbow joint, and screw the mounting nut on the two elbows to secure the tap on the wall.

4. The position of the "H" in the outlet of the faucet, the three diameters are 6mm and the depth is 35mm.

5. Break into the expansion tube in the mounting hole, and fasten the wall seat to the wall with self-tapping screw. Note: the wall should be on the same Central Line as the tap.

6. Use a cloth to wrap the tap before drilling, so as to avoid fouling and bruising.

7. Height "H" shall be determined according to the actual installation of the actual product.

8. Plug the sealing ring into the lower end of the switch valve.

9. Screw the lower end of the valve and the upper end of the tap.

10. Before drilling, use the cloth to wrap the faucet to avoid the fouling and bruising of the faucet. Note: use the wrench to tighten and pay attention to do not damage the plating surface.

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11. Screw the end of the shower rod with the end of the switch valve. (the end of the column shower rod should be sealed with a seal ring).

12. Then put the decorative cover into the other end of the shower rod, then insert the end into the wall seat, and then use three tightly set screws to lock the end, and then push the decorative cover to the wall.

13. Open the water inlet switch and wash the pipe thoroughly after installation.

14. Connect the end of the nut with the hose to the connector in the back of the valve body, and the nut is connected with the one end of the hand shower to be inserted into the flower shower.

It is not difficult to see this article easily

It is not difficult to see this article easily

Press the top to the shower lever.