Installation of a few tips for sprinkling

- Oct 09, 2017-


Sprinkles installation 7 big precautions

1. The mixing valve is the height of the ground

The flower is aspersed reserved in silk elbow fitted for the next step is to mix water valve, its height is in commonly 90-110 cm between, among which according to the requirement of owner or its average height of husband and wife decided, don't be above 110 cm, otherwise it will cause the elevating rod loading, flower is aspersed not less than 90 cm, open valve bend over is not good at a time.

2. The spacing between the two inner filaments

Experienced water electricians know that the standard of spacing for the inner silk elbow is 15cm, the error is not more than 5mm, and the Ming is 10cm, which is to be measured in the medium. Too narrow and too narrow will not fit, don't rely on adjustment to the silk, adjustment of the scope of adjustment of silk is very limited.

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3. After finishing the wall brick, keep a flat surface with the wall

Reserve wire head is to allow for the thickness of the wall brick, it is better to let MAO embryo higher wall 15 mm, if and the level of hair embryo wall, such as finished wall brick you'll find that thread head stuck in the wall is too deep, lane is bad to can't shower, however, also dare not higher than metope is too much, too much high decoration cap in the future not silk and it's ugly head and adjusting screw.

4. Pay attention to different styles of shower

Constantly improve people's quality of life, now arises at the historic moment of the flower is aspersed design also is varied, the different installation method, a surface mounted, a dark outfit, wall type, ceiling type, as hydropower staff to study, to master the new product installation method of the market.

It's important to choose your location

Flower is aspersed is bath equipment, the person is not to wear clothes in the shower, so installation shower choice position will pay attention to their privacy, generally don't choose at the door or window, if there is a whole other bath room, to fully communicate with the owner purchased the size of the whole bath room to see flower is aspersed mix water valve in what position, don't wait to decorate good, buy back after bath room, the inappropriate position to hit a wall.

6. The left heat is too cold to be wrong

Wire inside the flower is aspersed bend outlet to master good left hot right cold not wrong, this is not only used in the national norms and the vast majority of owners, more important is factory products are produced according to the regulations of the left hot right cold, if you made a mistake can lead to some equipment can't work, or damage to the equipment. This should be noted when piping is laid.

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7. Fixed with inner wire elbow

The fixation of the inner wire elbow is very important. If it is not fixed, the size can't be fixed, and it is likely that the water - mixing valve will not be installed after the decoration.

Prepare before and after installation

1. Protect the faucet from the cloth: when tightening the faucet, the careful person will use a thick cloth or plastic film to be wrapped in the tap of the screwdriver, to prevent the tap from being misused.

Before installing, it is better to put the water in the pipe and rinse the pipe. Because the new decorated impurities inside pipeline is more, even a lot of fine sand, if mount directly take shower drain, could lead to these impurities directly to the interior of the flower is aspersed, some not good cleaning, influence of shower water effect.

3. Clean the installation site of dust: during the installation process will inevitably produce some dust miscellaneous dust, should be in after the installation is complete, shall be clean and ensure the site clean, and wash with water again.

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Owner's acceptance method: the swing of the spray rod check is firm, the switch is smooth, check whether the water pipe is leaking.

The data that the flower asperses installation: shower flower asperses the head of the head is the ground is best to be 1 metre. The height of the shower head is 2 meters, the distance just gives out water to cover the whole body, the strength of the water is suitable. Mobile shower handle installation height is 1.7 meters, usually need to do corresponding adjustments according to user's height, is the most appropriate distance people standing on the ground, slightly stretched out his hand and can get the shower handle, otherwise is too high, shoes or take shower is easy to stand, a security incident.