How to install the disassembly of the sprinkling stents

- Oct 09, 2017-


How do you buy a shower? How do you install it? Recently, a lot of people have come to ask about the installation of the flower spline and the disassembly of the flower.

How to install the spout support

Spray bracket mounting

The outlet of the cold hot water pipe is 1/2 inch universal diameter, preferably r1/2 "tapered joint, left hot water, right cold water; The distance to the center of the joint is about 15 centimeters, and the height of the connector is 60 cm.

How to install the spout support

Steps to install the stents

Install two flower sprinkles. The shower shower is recommended for a height of 1.2m from the ground and 1.8 metres for the other.

How to install the spout support

First, put the decorative cup into the thread of the spline. After wrapping the raw material, the left and right sides of the stents are screwed into the joint of the cold water pipe.

The distance of the front end of the stents is 9 cm, and the height is consistent with the distance from the wall.

Place the water gasket into the hole in the rear of the faucet, then spray the spout on the spout.

Install the outlet.

How to install the disassembly of the sprinkling stents

6. Install the shower tube and shower head. Go to a few small commodity wholesale market to see, have special sell concept household goods business, have a kind of product that is absorbed in ceramic tile to can put shower.

Remove the stents

How to install the spout support

There are various types of flower sprinkles, and the design of each kind of flower is different, so there are different ways to disassemble the head. Most of the sprinkles are designed with an active design, which can be twisted by gently rotating the spinner knob. The design of some sprinkles is relatively complicated, which requires tools to remove the shower head; Some of the sprinkling designs are simply impossible to remove.

After finish reading this article, the flower is aspersed stents installed and flower asperse disassemble a new understanding, hope you want to know before the choose and buy flower is aspersed, it is easier to choose their favorite products.