Have you chosen the right one for your flower?

- Oct 10, 2017-


In the hot summer day, you are on the road to the major physical storefronts, building materials market, and sweat to select various brands of flowers to decorate renderings? Or are you constantly clicking on the Internet and comparing the various styles? Or is it constantly in a state of constant madness, a constant struggle, and a vicious cycle of trade-offs?

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If you struggle with it, you can't make a choice. You will have to choose the wrong one. So how to choose a good shower? Today, I give some tips to choose from my experience.

The first thing to do is look at the face. I have to admit, the world is a world of faces. This flower asperses, the appearance is beautiful, the spray face is flat, use the mirror polishing technology, completely can satisfy you one side bath also can be narcissistic. The whole copper flower asperses the main body plus the precision electroplating treatment, let the flower aspersion is like mirror, can reflect human shadow. Through this kind of plating treatment, the flower asperses not only beautiful is generous, raise the class of the bathroom greatly, and resist oxidation, prevent rust spot, help lengthen its life.

More importantly, take a shower. It is not enough to have a good look, just like ning zetao, who has just won the men's 100m freestyle final at the world championships in kazan, is able to live on his face and rely on his strength. It is the same to choose a flower shower, not only to have a nice appearance, but also to have real ability. As we all know, shower is the most direct measure of the shower.

Generally speaking, air can be sprinkled (70% of the water is mixed with 30% air), the outlet is more, the water is softer, and the shower is more comfortable. It skillfully USES aerodynamics principle, the water vapor mixes, causes the water to produce the bouncing type impact, thus achieves the slight massage effect. A massage of water can quickly remove dirt from your skin, effectively promote your body's metabolism and allow you to really take a beautiful bath. It's a common flower that can't be reached.

At present, the market is full of all kinds of air can be spilt. However, in many cases, the spilt experience is not as satisfying. The reason is that the water pressure regulation range of ordinary air can be mixed with the normal water pressure range of Chinese family, so it is difficult to guarantee the water effluent effect.