How to choose bathroom hose shower

- Dec 08, 2017-

According to the way to choose water. A variety of water outlet is no longer the patent of the high-level shower, and gradually spread to the ordinary shower brand. A  hose shower is generally equipped with four kinds of water out of the  way, the following is the most common of several: bathing the most basic  shower flow, rain - one after another continuous water, massage -  strong water spray, intermittent pour , The body to be relaxed, stroking - continuous and small water, single-unit - a stream of water concentrated. The adjustment method is very simple, squeeze the handle on the shower or turn the shower head can be freely converted to water.


    See thermostat, water and other intelligent features. Each bath have to re-adjust the water temperature? This  is too troublesome! Now many bathroom shower switches are equipped with  thermostats, not only can regulate the temperature, but also use the  metal ball valve to help you "remember" the right temperature, when you  choose a water temperature, it will be fixed after each Bathing water temperature will be constant. So  that the shower on the water temperature, flow control easily, but also  to the elderly, children play a safe role in bathing. The  appearance of this device is the same as that of the ordinary faucet  switch, meanwhile it is equipped with adjustable hot water controller to  control the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank so that the hot  water can flow out quickly and accurately, thereby saving water and  heat, In other words, while remembering the water temperature, while  adjusting the amount of water, the maximum water-saving 50% does not  affect the effluent effect.
    Whether self-cleaning. The  traditional bathroom hose shower, the water holes are usually stored in  the inside, and there is a style on the market is exactly the opposite,  the designer boldly exposed the water hole outside, the rubber texture  feels hard. According  to reports, this design on the one hand for more convenient cleaning,  hand, cloth scrub Jieke; the other hand, the water hole highlights the  shower out of the water will be more natural. In addition, some showers with self-cleaning function, water  spray, the scalpel needle will automatically clean the sediment outlet,  but the price is more expensive than the average shower.
    See the details of accessories. Shower head directly affects the water texture, and shower accessories will affect the use of comfort. Some  brands of water pipes and lifting rod is particularly flexible, hose  and wire anti-flex material, the junction is also equipped with  anti-twist wrapped ball bearings, even if you dance while bathing, the  hose will not "fight"; lifting rod Coupled with the rotation controller, to vertical or horizontal move easily.
    Sheung  Shui Hose in the bathroom plays a very important role, but it also  belongs to consumables, if inadvertently overhaul, will not only affect  the shower effect, in the event of cracking, burst and other issues, the  consequences will be serious.