How to choose shower heads

- May 04, 2018-

  1. When choosing a shower head, it mainly depends on the details of the product, especially the nozzle of the shower head. The details of the pipes and sluice gates, these details determine the practicality and durability of the shower head.

    2.The material of the shower head is mainly made of plastic and stainless  steel. The plastic shower head is relatively less durable and prone to  cracks. The stainless steel shower head is more durable.

    3.  For the shower head, the water outlet mode is more important. The water  outlet mode of the shower head directly affects the bathing feeling and  effect.

    4, in the choice of  shower head, it is recommended to buy rubber material outlet hole,  rubber material outlet hole is not easy to accumulate scale, to  facilitate our usual cleaning, with a cloth can be directly cleaned.

    5,  look at the shower head spool, spool directly affects the use of the  feeling and life, when it also played a water saving effect.

    6,  look at the shower nozzle surface coating, its quality will not only  affect the service life, but also affect our usual cleanliness.