How to clean the shower head

- May 04, 2018-

  1. If it is due to the  poor quality of theshower head, then it is necessary to pay attention  to the quality of the shower head when purchasing, and use a quality  shower head. Generally need to go to the formal  large-scale commodity inspection purchase, and can not covet small  cheap, use plastic products such as shower heads, and should use brass  shower heads, in order to prevent the shower nozzle blocking, cracking  and other quality problems.

    2. If it is caused by the shower for a long time, it requires us to regularly clean the shower head in daily life. In  general, white vinegar can be used to eliminate scale. The specific use  method is: clean up every three months, disassemble the shower head,  and soak it in a basin containing white vinegar, about 4-6 hours later. Clean  the sprinkler head and install it back. After the water is sprayed, the  scale will flow out, which can achieve the effect of cleaning scale and  eliminating bacteria. The

    3,  for the nozzle of the plating surface, we need to pay attention to the  daily maintenance of its surface in addition to cleaning. After  we use it, we need to keep it clean, use a soft cloth, wipe the surface  with contaminated flour, and rinse it with clean water to keep its  surface smooth and extend its service life.