A few tips for choosing a shower

- Oct 10, 2017-


Shower equipment must be showered with shower sprinkles, even the bath tub needs shower shower to flush, if it is an upright shower, shower shower is the key. Here we are going to tell you about the choice of shower shower.

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Buying online or in real life?

Many friends think buying flowers online is cheap, but it's not. Buying a flower online can actually save you some money by buying it online, but how much can you save? If there is a problem with the quality of the purchased flowers, it is really troublesome to not fit the size, and we will not install it ourselves. If you buy shower shower in real life, there are workers to help install it, and the quality is seen and touched!

Of course, if you are a skilled online buyer, you can see that the quality can be purchased online and solve the problem of installation.

2. Shower shower material selection

Shower shower also has a lot of material, half copper, all copper, stainless steel, alloy. For our people, it's all about copper. Semi - copper can be used in general hotels, poor quality, general copper quality. If the economic conditions are good to choose stainless steel and alloy, the service life is longer.

3. How to measure the quality of shower shower?

In the second, we said shower shower has a lot of material, so it's heavy for the whole copper. So the first judgment to judge the quality of shower is based on its own weight. The second is to look at the brand, know the brand concept of shower shower on the network beforehand and then judge again. It can also be judged by the faucet on the shower, the flexibility of the tap, the firmness and the hole in the shower.

4. Prepare for the shower shower

Need to prepare good waterway unicom work between wei yu, again the ground between wei yu and metope are decorated after finishing, the water and electricity should finish after finishing. Plan the shower height, scope, and installation location beforehand.