Bathroom Design Tips

- Jul 11, 2017-


Large-scale tile cleaning is convenient, easy to keep dry, and the practical value of plastic flooring is very high, plus studs, its non-slip effect is more significant. At present, most families adopt a variety of patterns and colors of non-slip wear-resistant brick, and according to the size of space, the preparation of a variety of brick, roughly 300 mm x300 mm, 200 mm x300 mm, 200 mm x200 mm.

Wall with square or rectangular decorative porcelain pieces, with the waist line, tile, kicking angle line, increase the overall aesthetic feeling. At the same time can also be used PVC buckle wall Board, concise and elegant, simple lines.


Bathroom ceiling can be based on different shapes, choose a variety of materials, such as flat-top can be used PVC buckle, aluminum buckle, plastic aluminum plate, with light steel keel. And dome-like art ceiling can choose a soft waterproof board, soft plate, plastic aluminum plate, or decorated with a variety of colored glass decorated.

From the general ceiling height, the developed countries of the family bathrooms are mostly low, and domestic many residential, bathroom house height is equivalent to other rooms, so in order to avoid empty, cold, general ceiling height can be designed in 2.2 meters ~. 4 meters. In the area of more than 8 square meters, you may wish to install cosmetics cabinets above the wash basin, from the water source to hang the storage suitcase, or draw a place to do the day-to-day change of use.


In the color collocation, the color effect of the toilet is composed of wall surface, ground material, together with light and so on.

Bathroom color to clean sense of cold color is good, paired with similar colors and similar color appropriate, such as light gray tiles, white bathtubs, milk and white washing table, with a pale yellow wall. can also be clear and simple warm tones, such as milky white, ivory yellow or rose wall, auxiliary to the color of similar, simple pattern of the floor, in the soft, diffuse lighting against, not only to broaden the horizons of space, warmth doubled, and increasingly elegant clean, satisfying heart refreshing. Black with gold, representing the mysterious and noble, coupled with glass, marble, mirror, by the light scattered under the point of Star-Hui, but also appear golden bright, magnificent.

In addition, the toilet bold use of black and white super big element, appear clear, concise and clean, with green plants embellishment, can add a lot of anger.


General lighting suitable for the selection of incandescent lamps, in order to soften the brightness is enough, but the make-up mirror must be set up by a separate lighting for local lighting supplement, the mirror before the local lighting optional fluorescent lamp to increase the warmth, spacious, fresh feeling. In the choice of bathroom lamps, should be a reliable waterproof and safety of glass or plastic sealing lamps. In the lighting of the modelling, according to their own interests and preferences, but in the installation should not be too much, not too low, so as not to be burdensome or splash water, collisions and other accidents.