Ceramic sanitary ware choose 19 bathroom special nouns

- Oct 13, 2017-


With regard to the development of sanitary ware industry, it is necessary to know the noun of sanitary ware.

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Damping buffer cover: different from the ordinary seat cover plate, this kind of cover with damping cushioning can eliminate the screeching noise when the cover plate and the ring are closed. It USES the principle of frictional resistance to allow the cover to slow down without any noise as it closes.

Flange ring: flange ring is sealing ring. Many industrial bearings to shock and abrasion between rubber mat is called flange, implement with flange is in between the outlet and hole under the toilet, have the effect of sealing, such a siphon lavatory not leak, flushing effect is better.

Water seal: water storage in the urinal pool. To prevent the stench from effluent or small insects to climb out.

Below the lip surface: implement a circular xie hydrosphere, it looks similar to implement a more, generally can be divided into two, closed and open closed edge of lip surface with uniform holes, open edge of lip surface is open type, is the water in the tank vent and wash the pool surface pipe.

From the pit: refers to the vertical distance from the wall to the center of the outlet of the toilet, generally divided into 300 mm and 400 mm hole spacing, also has a special hole spacing, so be sure to first measure good measure to choose and implement.

Water: a drain pipe at the back end of the urinal.

Water cover: the water surface in the urinator, the wider the surface of the water, the less likely to be contaminated.

Flush type: flush out the toilet flush with the drop of water level.

Flush type: flush the toilet with a strong flow of water (usually straight line inlet). The filth can be rushed out at the moment of washing, the cleaning effect is good, and the pipeline is not easy to block. The impact of the flush type of water flow is used to discharge the dirt. In order to make the water flow from the surrounding water hole of the circle of water, the wall of the wall is usually steeper. In order to make the hydraulic concentration, the reservoir area is small. The fault of this type of flushing method is that the water is noisy, and the water seal is small and easy to produce fouling.

Siphon: siphoning is a siphon phenomenon formed after water is filled with water in the water drain pipe of the toilet (commonly referred to as the water trap) to drain the dirt. The structure of the siphon toilet seat is characterized by a complete pipe in the urinal. Side with "S" shape, through the water when the water level to promote the formation of siphonage, because do not borrow water wash away the dirt, so the wall slope is relatively slow, the bottom also enlarged the water area, which solves the blunt falling too much noise.

Spray siphon: anti-odor, good splash effect. A siphon toilet is improved, its structure characteristic is on the basis of the siphon toilet is to add a spray attached, jet aimed at the center of the drainage pipe inlet, jet diameter is usually 20 mm. When water from the tank is passed through the water circle, part of the water will fall into the tank after the water is flushed out of the wall of the water. The effect is to drain the dirt into the drain pipe by using its larger flow force. At the same time, the water flow rate of the large diameter is accelerated to fill the discharge pipe to accelerate the formation of the siphon. As the jet flow is underwater, the noise is reduced. This kind of product is designed, consciously expand the area of water storage, limit the depth of water storage, so it is good to prevent stink and splash.

Whirlpool siphon: anti-odor, anti-fouling effect is better, the noise is smaller. Use wash water from above the bottom side of the drainage hole jet vortex formation, increased as the water level of the drainage pipeline, when the urinals in the surface and form water level difference, the outlet of toilets siphon, sewage discharge, its structure is similar with other siphon, only water supply pipeline in urinal bottom, and pass into the bottom, the implement the biggest advantages is the use of vortex and siphon two roles, spiral around the surface produce strong centripetal force, make the liquid and dirt quickly be involved into the whirlpool, and go along with the generation of siphon row, so sewage process is quick, thorough odor-proof, antifouling effect is better, less noise.

Water-saving closestool: according to the original mandatory provisions of regulation issued by the ministry of construction, product stool flushing water rinse cycle is not more than 6 litres every time, when the water pressure of 0.3 PASCAL, defecate washing with the product, a flush for 6 or 8 litres, urine washing with the product a flush 2 to 4 litres (like the two flush, for the first and second paragraph). Rinse time is 3 seconds to 10 seconds.

Clean body basin: as the name implies, this kind of wei yu is used to clean human body below, some manufacturer call "woman wash basin", actually, both male and female, can use.

Shower head: shower head.

Hem: it's a wrap around the bathtub. The bathtubs with skirt sides can be installed independently, if not, need to install ceramic tile around the bathtub to support.

Shower panel: general configuration is in the bathroom shower area, modelling is hanging on the wall and two column set directly on the ground, it is equipped with all kinds of shower shower, massage shower nozzle and connection pipe, some even radio and other configuration.

Bath bully: it is a kind of equipment that is installed in the bathroom ceiling, used for heating, also called multi-function bathroom heater. Its heat source is mainly infrared heating lamp, nichrome wire. In addition to heating function, it has functions such as ventilation, air blowing, negative ion and lighting.

One-piece integration ceiling: heating, ventilation, lighting, metal condole top four functional integration, namely between the hutch defends the installation of heating, ventilation, lighting and metal ceiling installation one pace reachs the designated position, all performed by the manufacturer.