Choose shower hose? Material is the most important

- Oct 17, 2017-

In our daily life, the bathroom shower hose is often damaged one of the things that defend bath, often in use after a period of time occurs leakage phenomenon, before long burst damage again after the change. How can you choose a quality sanitary hose? Today, we're going to learn how to choose from the material.


The more common hose materials in the market are PVC materials, rubber, rubber and steel wire, which are good in flexure, not easy to break, and have longer service life.
The shower hose is the link that connects the hand shower to the tap. It is composed of EPDM inner tube, high-temperature nylon core and 304 stainless steel outer tubes. The nuts are made of copper, and the gasket is made of NBR. Tri-ethyl propylene rubber is a copolymer, ethylene, propylene and non-conjugated diolefins that are polymerized with a solution of rubber. Why use this rubber for a hose?
First of all, this rubber is very good for aging and hot water, and the sanitary hose can be used for long periods of hot water, so using EPDM as a hose is the best material.
Followed by elastic, in the use of hand-held shower need to constantly stretching to flush the body, and EPDM molecular chain can maintain flexibility in a wider range, can remain under low, so this is also the designers to choose one of the leading causes of EPDM.
When we are choosing the sanitary hose, we can stretch the hose as much as possible, check the elastic properties, and the better the general elastic properties, the better the rubber material.