Defend bath to buy 5 big mistake to need to avoid the cost of price to decide buy gist

- Oct 15, 2017-


For small family house, toilet area is small and small, so to speak, but the owner of a small family tend to be some young people just work, we need to save money and space of small family sanitary ware, preferably a little better. So how should we choose the sanitary ware in the bathroom decoration? How can ability buy the bathroom sanitary ware that is cost-effective?

Defend bath to buy 5 big mistake to need to avoid the cost of price to decide buy gist

1. Mirror cabinet and bottom cabinet

Bathroom furniture size is not big, but it can be commonly used toilet trivial thing in the World Cup of the facial cleanser, toothbrush, razor, etc are cleverly hidden in the back of the mirror, and at the same time other use cycle can be longer washing cleansers neatly collection in the locker below face basin. Together with the overall mirror design, you can stretch out the double dimensional sense.

2. Cheap and fine domestic ceramic tiles

Small wall ground decorates toilet need not too exquisite, imports of high-grade ceramic tile is expensive, in a small space and not easily get strong aesthetic result, might as well use dozens of yuan a square meter of domestic ceramic tile. Such as the glaze of the blooming flowers bright colourful color tile, the use of international popular 20 x 20 cm in size, and surface uneven, under the lights set off a distinct luster, appear the space is large and bright.

Nowadays, also have a kind of waterproof coating that is dedicated to toilet, need to spend 40 yuan/square metre, also can be regarded as a kind of cheap and quality choice. With 4 square metre toilet to calculate, the cost of wall ground will not exceed 1500 yuan.

3. Small branch toilet

The most commonly used toilets in the market are divided into two types: the whole and the two. The integral toilet because the water tank and the toilet is a form, the scrap rate compares high, the cent of the cent that price is similar to style is more expensive, the floor area is bigger also. Therefore, in the small space, the choice of a split toilet will save money and save money, but the absolute "slimming" of 70 cm will be the ideal choice for small family bathroom.

4. Wash basin refuse column basin

In small toilet bowl, try not to install column because the cylinder below space is almost impossible to use, unless the parcel in customised bathroom cabinet, the two spent together it is better to buy a wide to narrow the stage basin, save money to buy a large volume of tank. Add a few small ark or bracket that store a few pieces of belongings, add the hardware such as soap dish and towel bar, super economy and the toilet that saves a space to decorate is accomplished.

Don't see a wide bathtub

The bathtubs that are less than 1.5 metres deep tend to be deeper than the average bathtub, about 70 cm. This kind of bath crock is easier to stand than average bath crock, the comfort that does not affect to use at all, lesser toilet should choose small and deep bath crock。