Environmental protection tax coming soon, bathroom prices will be a new round of soaring

- Sep 30, 2017-

After nearly 10 years of brewing, two reviews and many amendments, the Environmental Protection Tax Law will be implemented on January 1, 2018. The relevant issues arising from the issue should also cause our attention, why should "fee" to change the "tax" income to whom? How to use? Environmental protection law on the implementation of sanitary enterprises will have what kind of impact?

To the current sewage charges based on the standard, set the amount of environmental protection tax tax standards. Such as the amount of air pollutants per pollutant equivalent of 1.2-12 yuan; water pollutant tax for each pollution equivalent of 1.4-14 yuan; solid waste by different types, the tax amount of 5-1000 yuan per ton; noise by excessive decibels, $ 350-11200 per month.

According to the bathroom industry analysis: the annual output value of 50 million yuan as the benchmark medium-sized bathroom enterprises as an example:

The annual amount of air pollutants to be paid, the cumulative total of about 6-12 million;

Need to pay the amount of water pollutants, totaling about 8-15 million;

Need to pay sawdust, dust, chemical waste, and other solid waste tax, totaling about 15-30 million;

And need to pay the amount of noise, accumulated about 5000-2 million per month.

In summary, a medium-sized bathroom manufacturers in the annual environmental tax, should be 30-70 million.

June 26, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Environmental Protection drafted the "People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law Implementation Regulations" (draft, hereinafter referred to as the Ordinance), to the public for comments.

The regulations promulgated on the environmental protection tax of taxpayers, tax objects, tax basis, tax relief, tax collection and management and other aspects of the description of the terms of which to do a specific provision. The public may submit comments via the website of the Ministry of Finance or by mail before July 26th.

Mentality to be put, environmental protection tax is not a wolf

Environmental tax to come, this is not an empty talk, in the Twelfth National People's Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-second meeting to consider, already have to rise to the national law stage. Bathroom enterprises can not hold the chances to deal with, after all, the provisions of the draft to be implemented in place before 2020 in place.

In view of the above-mentioned environmental tax, sanitary enterprises should take environmental protection tax as the development of the "Damocles sword", especially ceramics, bathroom cabinets and other high pollution industries. Timely alert themselves, in the development of environmental protection should also pay attention to construction, whether it is technically or technically. Improve their own production process, reduce emissions of pollutants, improve their social responsibility ceremony, timely treatment of their own emissions.

Finally, to remind you: 2018 environmental protection tax enforcement, a substantial increase in business costs, bathroom prices will skyrocket! This year can be installed to buy bathroom bathroom friends, do not wait until next year to buy, next year, bathroom prices rose at least 20%!