Experience the clean bath room bathroom decoration complete strategy

- Oct 13, 2017-

When the bathroom is decorated, from floor tile laid, condole top treatment, pipeline installation and equipment selection should consider the need of waterproof moistureproof, and make careful arrangement. When laid of floor tile, stone, should do the waterproof layer under the surface, will choose to cement mortar ground leveling, coated waterproof coating, then spread a layer of cement mortar as a combination of layer 1 than 2, will act the role of material such as floor tile shop is stuck up, water after using wood, achieve smooth solid, tight joints. The stone shop should be done with the back coating, reduce the "water stain" phenomenon.

The waterproof layer should be up from the wall in contact with the wall, above the ground about 25 to 30 centimeters above, the surface of the washroom tower above ground 1.0 to 1.2 meters above, the shower room above ground 1.8 meters above ground. If do paint adornment, should brush waterproof putty first, choose waterproof coating. The surface layer should be treated with water, water and water without water, and no seepage in 24 hours of water storage test.

Pipe installation tries to avoid the change of the original and upper Ming pipe, must be done when the horizontal vertical, the laying firm, the slope meets the requirements. The valve, the faucet installation is flat, the use is flexible and convenient, the bright tube brush anticorrosive paint, the dark tube brush anticorrosive paint. The water supply pipe is closely connected with accessories and appliances, and no leakage through water test. The ground leakage design still needs the above water pipe road as the foundation, the surface should be slightly lower than the surface.

The sanitary ware is installed in the correct position with the upper edge of the appliance. Bathroom appliances should choose to have the brand and products with better waterproof properties, such as bath in damp environment for a long time to use the warm light, shell should be made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion performance is better, and take waterproof power switch, cable and plug, electric power use or is not afraid of the water spray, water splash, won't cause leakage or damage. Also need to be equipped with waterproof lampshade, waterproof socket and so on.

The ceiling is recommended using a microporous aluminum plate to enhance ventilation and prevent condensation. If make plasterboard condole top, should brush waterproof putty first, brush waterproof coating again; PVC ceiling is easy to produce condensation water, and drop, should be used with caution.

Should avoid use wooden material in the bathroom, should use when use, should choose fire prevention board or do all mixed oil adornment, all can waterproof. When making condole top or other package is decorated, the wooden keel that hides is required to brush waterproof coating or antiseptic.

It is very important to keep the bathroom well ventilated. Use good ventilation equipment to help moisture and steam evaporate quickly, keep the indoor clean. To do the above work, you will be able to appreciate the feeling of harmonious and harmonious nature in a completely relaxed state.