Expert teach you how to choose bathroom hardware

- Oct 13, 2017-


To create a comfortable, convenient toilet, in addition to the purchase of washbasin, tub, sit implement, such as elegant, functional distinguished sanitary ware, little also not good sanitary hardware fittings "help", therefore, the choose and buy of bathroom hardware accessories also appears very important.

In recently, the reporter visited the city city and north of double line a few large building materials market, found that the bathroom hardware accessories products now is becoming more and more conspicuous, compact and beautiful, combined with fashionable element. Now the hardware accessories in the family mainly is the toothbrush cup, soap table, towel bar, towel rack, reel paper holder, coat hook, mirror, etc. These products, in the design to pay attention to streamline, like arc is widely used in the design of bibcock, towel pole and paper tube rack, extremely dynamic. And the product such as soap table, tooth cup joins geometrical modelling, design feeling extremely strong line is outstanding wait a way, make the product appears more atmosphere, contemporary.

Colour and lustre, absorb the European and American adornment style, get rid of the original stiff and cold stainless steel color, silver white, yellow copper color and luxurious drawing grain occupy the mainstream of the hardware that defend bath now. According to the shopkeeper, silver hardware most use frosted surface treatment, seem to be avant-garde fashion, got the favour of a lot of young people, and the hardware of coppery mostly polished surface treatment, is of primitive simplicity and elegant, many families like to choose ou shi to decorate it, some special texture of the products are favored by alternative fashionable gens.

Sanitary hardware currently on the market price difference is bigger, a lot of famous brands in the introduction of sanitary ware series, will cooperate with the integral style of the sanitary ware, the corresponding accessories series, these products not only the function is unique, on the appearance of it is a fine piece of art, so the price is higher, the common brand. In addition, the products of the same brand are different according to different materials and prices. The hardware of titanium alloy is the most exquisite and durable, but the price is more expensive, and the price is hundreds or even thousands of yuan. Pure copper product can effectively prevent oxidation, quality assured, is currently on the market mainstream, price about controlled one hundred yuan, stainless steel, chrome plated the lowest price and more within one hundred yuan, but also the shortest service life. In addition, there are 18 k or 24 k gold plating processing of metal accessories, useful also all kinds of design and color is made of organic glass, synthetic plastics, etc, of course the price is expensive, but there are followers.

So how should choose to buy bathroom hardware accessories? Expert advice should master the design style of oneself toilet first, from modelling, color comes to be equipped. After choosing the style, color, then choose product material first. Followed by coating, in chrome plating products, general product coating for 20 microns thick, time grew, the inside of the material are susceptible to oxidation air, and exquisite workmanship of the copper plating chromium plating for 28 microns thick, the structure tightly, uniform coating, use effect is good. Finally, the price and practicality.