Fashion wei yu the expert to tell you how to choose and buy sanbao

- Oct 16, 2017-

The modern need to forget the worldly worries in the bathroom, achieve the realm of clear heart, quiet, relaxed, so, what should we choose when choosing the three-piece suit that defend bath product?

Choose your favorite toilet

The choice of the toilet, mainly consider the novelty of the style and the practical strength. For example, there are conjoined and split styles. The body type mainly is the water tank and the sitting toilet is integrated, can save more space; The formula refers to the separation of the water tank and the toilet, and some of them can have three litres or six litres. The toilet style is to match the space size and individual preference to choose, the round end type saves the space, the child is easy to adapt. The length of the toilet is longer and the water seal area is wider, which helps to keep the toilet clean and more suitable for adults. There are horizontal and downline drainage patterns, which are determined by individual preferences. The level of price is obvious. General economic model is around 100 yuan, such as the split toilet in TOTO, the displacement of 6 liters, the market price of 1500 yuan. Mid-range and into the li jia wei yu series of couplet of monomer, water saving toilet and kohler wen di, such as series of fission implement, high durability, the overall flow line feels strong, prices in 3000-3000 yuan. The price of the seat of high-grade price can reach up to 5000-6000 yuan.

A bathtub can also be full of personality

Choose bath crock in addition to consider the space of toilet and individual be fond of, also consider the quality of a material of bath crock, maintenance and use function in the future, for example, now in the market have enamel cast iron plate, acrylic and three. The advantages of enamel steel plate are economical and easy to maintain, but the plasticity is poor, the style is single and fragile. The acrylic material is of top material, high hardness, good wear resistance, high heat resistance, smooth surface, more design, price range, 5,000 RMB, 8,000 yuan. Cast iron bath crock USES the highest level material to make, the color is bright, the brightness is good, strong and stable, durable more than 50 years, has the anti-slip surface to ensure safety, the price is higher. In addition, cast iron series is also relatively thick, heavy. At present, the bath crock has added the function that still adds a massage in practicality, accord with the fashionable demand of modern people more.

Lavatory basin choice has exquisite

Washroom lavatory usually has three kinds of series: stage face basin, stage basin, pillar type washbasin. The market and the family multi-purpose is the stage and the column type washbasin. The volume is small, the line is clear and smooth, because its main function is everyday wash face, wash hands, so many tie-in style is concise, new bright faucet, can give a person with fresh feeling. Basin price on the market at present, because of its quality of a material, design, brand very different, ordinary porcelain basin has a few yuan to or yuan, and cast iron or texture of high-grade acrylic pillar type washbasin of up to 5000 yuan.