Fully automatic toilet seat cover

- Oct 26, 2017-

1.Features of fully automatic toilet seat cover

1.Automatic toilet cover with built-in microcomputer controller automatically change is clean, use the clean set of cut before swept away, and unused clean set of clear distinction, emphasizes the use of disposable, let users more at ease!

2.Automatic toilet seat cover is divided by type, one is automatic replacement, the other one is automatic replacement and rinsing.

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2.The advantages of fully automatic toilet seat cover

1. Automatic toilet lid button is simple and fast, with a simple press before use, automatic toilet toilet paper can be automatically switched on and used before destruction.

2. The fully automatic toilet seat is covered with a clean and soft sanitary membrane, which makes it easy to isolate the skin and cushion, so that you have the enjoyment of a private bathroom.

3. Automatic toilet lid reduces displacement, improves emission efficiency and saves energy.

4. Automatic toilet cover can be recycled after use, it can be recycled used in industry and agriculture, both neither can cause environmental pollution, also won't cause waste of resources, completely accords with the fashion trend of green environmental protection.