How clean shower head?

- Sep 11, 2018-

Functions Shower Head

What are the cleaning methods for shower heads?

1. If the quality of the shower head is not good, then you need to pay attention to the quality problem of the shower head when purchasing, and choose the shower head with qualified quality. Generally, you need to go to a regular large-scale shopping mall to buy, and you can't covet small and cheap, choose shower heads made of plastics and other products, and you should use copper shower heads to prevent the shower heads from clogging, cracking and other quality problems.

2. If it is caused by the long-term use of the shower, it is necessary to clean the shower head regularly in daily life. In general, white vinegar can be used to eliminate scale. The specific use method is: clean up every three months, disassemble the shower head, and soak it in a pot containing white vinegar for 4-6 hours. Clean the nozzle and install it back. After the water is passed, the scale will flow out, which can achieve the effect of cleaning scale and eliminating bacteria.

3. For the nozzles on the plating surface, in addition to paying attention to cleaning, we also need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the surface. We need to keep the surface clean after use. When we use soft cloth, wet the surface and wash it with water to keep the surface smooth and prolong its service life.