How clean shower head?

- Sep 19, 2019-

Shower head maintenance method:

The shower head of your home is aspersed whether after long-term use period of time, can you have the phenomenon with insufficient water? Is the shower broken? Not be so, actually our shower head is aspersed also need to maintain! Water is insufficient basically because the shower head is aspersed the cause of the scale that produces after releasing water for a long time, encounter this kind of circumstance how should we go cleaning?

shower head is aspersed clean method is as follows:

Remove the crown of the shower head. (please pay attention to the safety of yourself and the product when disassembling the shower head)

2. Place the shower head is aspersed removed in small basin, with the consumption of white vinegar to sprinkle surface and internal water soaking and 4 to 6 hours, and then gently with cotton cloth wipe the shower head is aspersed surface water mouth, to reload the joint water for a while, after stay white vinegar and scale with the water out, in order to eliminate or reduce the influence of scale shower heads, and can play a bactericidal effect.


Should pay special attention to is to clean shower flower to asperse cannot use strong acid, lest cause corrosion to the flower asperse surface. In order to better ensure that the shower is not blocked, we had better every half a year or shorter time to wash the shower, let you no longer worry about bath suddenly the shower is blocked.