How often you should replace your shower head

- Sep 23, 2020-

How often you should replace your shower head                                       

imageBefore you take a shower , do you have paid attention to your shower head Or unitl shower head water pressure have change or water column direction has change ,then you has to find some solution to solve it .

Normally we would suggest you to replace shower head every six month or eight month ,also the shower hose must be replaced every one years

Here I share some tips about how to clean shower head by yourself

As we all know that all water come from water factory that's not pure water , must treatment by some chemical material in order to make sure safe water  for consumption , there would be some sediment flow into hand shower would coat shower head nozzle to cause big water pressure and water jet direction would not be regualr . If this case last long time ,then back nozzel would be plug up ,finally the water can't be flow out .

Some guys would like to split it up to clean inside nozzle , it is not easy job ,in addition ,if you split it up successfully then the hand shower has been broken can 't assembly  again . Now the most shower head from maket use ultrasonic welding , then you can't tear it up successfully . So you must regular clean your shower head that must be a better way to prevent nozzle block with sediment .

If you can not broke shower head up , how can you clean shower head . You could use the white vinegar to soak hand shower for eight hours . Pls kindly soak hand shower completely  ,all hand shower has ben submerged into wihte vinegar. When you finish it , you need to use warm water to wash it ,then use cold water.

The supply water not only include sediment ,but also include some ion which is bad for skin , such as cl ion  which is common use for disinfect water .If you have water filter to filter out bad substance, it not only good at our skin but also could prevent  nozzle from blocking .