How should the shower be chosen?

- Oct 17, 2019-

How should the shower be chosen?

[a see water] no one wants a strength not enough flower sprinkles. I don't know if you've ever had the experience of opening a shower and then you might encounter two different situations. One is that the shower water flows down like a faucet, because each of the shower holes is not strong enough, and eventually it all comes together without any strength. Second, the flower sprinkles the current strength overweight, simply looks like hits on the body, the water slightly hot a little bit is very exciting.

A good flower sprinkles must be the work fine water even, to ensure that each small jet hole jet uniform, under different water pressure can also ensure the cool dripping wet effect. When selecting, we can observe whether the density of water flow hole is evenly distributed and reasonable. When buying, it is better to test the water to see whether the jet flow is evenly distributed.

[2 see coating] the surface of general flower aspersion can pass plating chromium processing. It is chrome-plating likewise, the difference that different flower asperse craft handles is very big also. According to choose principle, choose flower to asperse surface brightness as far as possible a few exquisite, the visual effect that naked eye sees is better, the processing craft of coating is better.

[three look at the spool] flower sprinkle the core is the spool. We must repeatedly compare and verify the quality of the spool, because the spool affects the use of the shower and service life.

Generally speaking, a good valve core is made of very high hardness of ceramics, smooth wear-resistant frictionless. During the selection, try to twist the switch to feel whether it is comfortable and smooth, so as to ensure that the product can remain smooth in use and have real reliable performance.