How to buy a shower better

- Oct 19, 2017-

The flower on the market is aspersed all sorts of all sorts, make eye disorder, however, the so-called ten thousand changes in among them, mastered the following method, for the choose and buy that sprinkle, basically can get the heart to answer.

ABS Plastic Shower Head


There are three types of flower sprinkles, which are handheld, top jet and side jet. The different functions of the flow-pouring method are also different. The more common modes of discharge are:

(1) general type:

Namely the shower water that bathes basically needs, suitable for simple and quick shower;

(2) turbine type:

The water flow is concentrated into a water column, which makes the skin have a slight tingling sensation, which can stimulate and clear the mind very well.

(3) massage style:

Refers to the strong, powerful and disconnecting of water flowers, which can stimulate every point of the body;

(4) strong beam type:

Water flow is strong, can create the fog effect through the collision between the water, increase the bath fun.

Complete shower shower nozzle, shower column should be included and hose, the flower is aspersed still spilled in a single configuration for the mainstream, but double configuration and is equipped with top gush and increase in the number of products is also holding a flower is aspersed, moreover also has some luxury products, at the top injection and holding a flower is aspersed, also equipped with lateral jet, which has certain massage effect.

How to choose shower

Buy the flower asperses, general consumer may value the appearance that spends asperses. But these details are a key factor in deciding whether a flower is good or not.

The water capacity

Capacity is one of the important technical indicators, the flower is aspersed today's flower is aspersed is equipped with different water gear, attention should be paid to the water yield between different gear size, good product will be distinct, different gear water yield significantly different. For some of the single-stall shower, you should also pay attention to not too large or too small when you choose to buy, and you should pay attention to balance.

The nozzle design

The quality flower asperses commonly easy cleanness, this is reflected in the design of nozzle. Poor design of the nozzle is easy to cause clutter and scale deposition, and if not cleaned promptly, it will affect the water efficiency and reduce the shower experience. Therefore, the spray nozzle of high quality flower can be designed more prominently, and use silica gel material, this can reduce cleaning difficulty.


High quality flower asperses to make brass as material, copper can resist bacterium effectively, maintain water quality pure. Now well-known brands of the flower is aspersed full copper as advocate material, and copper mass is divided into several grades, 52, 55 and 59 and 62 in addition to individual brand worldwide, more than the domestic well-known brand to 59 copper material.

The plating

Generally speaking, the more bright and delicate the surface, the better the coating process. Good made with high hardness of ceramic valve core, smooth, wearable, eliminate PaoMaoDiLou, when the choose and buy must twist switch myself give it a try, if feel is poor, had better not buy this kind of flower is aspersed.

Grip handle

A well-felt shower can improve the comfort of the shower. The flower asperses indicate commonly USES stainless steel material, most merchants will add anti-slip layer on the surface, increase the hand feeling, and the quality of the anti-skid layer also can have the effect that insulates.

In addition, the flower asperses Angle is also decided to hold comfortable element, should also pay attention when buying.