How to Buy Bathroom Wall Basket ?

- Mar 26, 2018-

Classification of bathroom Wall Basket
According to the material can be divided into: plastic bathroom wall basket, iron bathroom wall basket and stainless steel bathroom wall basket.


Bathroom wall basket purchase knowledge

1, Save space. The bathroom space is small, and the use of a bathroom wall basket at the corner can save space. Therefore, it is important to choose a corner bracket that is appropriate for the corner angle of your bathroom. Orthogonal angle brackets are generally suitable for public choice.

2, More layers. You can choose three or more levels of angle brackets, according to their own placement habits, sorting bathroom products.

3, Strong bearing capacity. Especially for wall-mounted corner racks, be sure to pay attention to their load-bearing capacity. General plastic angle brackets are not suitable for hanging at the corners. In addition, the corner shelf must have a certain weight bearing capacity, enough to place a few kilograms of objects.

4, It should be easy to clean. In order to keep the corner rack clean, always pay attention to cleaning. Therefore, when choosing the angle bracket, try to select some corners with less corners and less bumps, which is more convenient for cleaning, and it is not easy to accumulate dust.

Bathroom wall basket cleaning

1, when cleaning, you can rinse with water, you can also put some detergent and other cleaning agents to clean.

2, after the cleaning is completed, the last use of dry cadres to prevent accumulation of water.

3, daily for the dust can be used to remove dust.