How to buy shower head

- Oct 11, 2017-


Shower is one of the necessary accessories in bathing equipment, mainly made of stainless steel material, there are fixed type and activity type two kinds, activity type with stainless steel coil do links, can be in a certain range, very suitable for family daily use, so in the installation of more than average household type shower, and shower shower nozzle is installed on wall, hanging ornaments.

When choosing shower head, should choose to grasp comfortable, modelling beautiful, the water that flows smooth, water is soft, weight is lighter product. The specification of shower nozzle in the market at present is a lot of variety, the price is around 100 yuan is very good, suggest to professional shop to buy.

Daily accessories

The fittings of wei yu mostly is seven piece set, namely mirror, toothbrush cup, soap, towel bar, bath towel rack, roll paper holder, clothes hook.

You should master four elements in your purchase.

A look at the kit.

The integral style that wants to be configured with oneself is 3 piece suit (bath crock, toilet, stage basin), also want to match with the modelling of the faucet and surface coating treatment.

Look at the material.

Sanitary ware accessories supplies both copper plating plastic product, more is chrome plated products, including titanium alloy products in the most upscale, and then followed by copper, stainless steel chrome plating chromium products, aluminum alloy, iron chromium plating chromium plating products.

Look at the plating.

In chrome plating products, general product coating for 20 microns thick, time grew, the inside of the material are susceptible to oxidation air, and exquisite workmanship of the copper plating chromium plating for 28 microns thick, the structure tightly, uniform coating, use effect is good.

Four look practical.

Imported products are titanium alloy or copper plating chromium, "color surface", elegant and durable, but more expensive. Today, some joint brands or domestic brands are relatively affordable.