How to choose better taps

- Oct 11, 2017-


(1) type of faucet: the faucet is the switch of indoor water source, which is responsible for controlling and regulating the water flow size, which is the necessary material for every family. The water faucet is divided into two types: gasket type and washing-coil type. The washer type is traditional old product, which is divided into two kinds with single handle and double handle. It is divided into two types: revolving and lifting, which are divided into cast iron, steel and stainless steel. The surface of stainless steel faucet handles a lot of way, have imitation gold, gold plated, imitate copper, imitate bronze to wait a variety of, the family can according to different adornment style and need to undertake choice. FIG. 3:2 is a schematic diagram of the common faucet. After the family decorates, original old faucet is to want to be updated commonly, traditional gasket type faucet is used in the home to decorate already very rarely, main choose stainless steel kind of faucet.

(2) water dragon head: choose to use the water dragon head gluttonus? If it is a single water supply, you should choose a faucet with water inlet. If it is cold and hot water shunt, a water inlet can not be used. If it is regular hand oil, soapy water use, should not choose rotary type faucet, choose to raise the faucet is more convenient. If you need to adjust the temperature and flow of water quickly, you should not choose a double-handle faucet, preferably with a single handle. If you need to change the position of water, you should not choose the stationary faucet, but should use mobile. So, according to the requirement of the water and use the right to choose the faucet, which carry rev type cold hot mix faucet has a larger scope, in determining the use of accurate, can choose the faucet.

(3) the reference price of the faucet: the price varies greatly according to the complexity and the materials used. At present the adornment sex that the family decorates to use is relatively strong stainless steel faucet, general price is around 200 yuan. The price of complex structure and function is increased, the price of swivel faucet with single handle is about 300 yuan, the price of double handle single mouth lifting is about 350 yuan. The price of some famous products has increased slightly, and the price of imported products is higher. Buy stainless steel faucet should buy in professional shop, don't buy fake and inferior product on street small stand, lest affect later normal use.

(4) maintenance of faucet: the gasket type faucet often leaks, mainly because of the gap between gasket and cushion, which is mostly damaged by gasket. When repairing, remove the head handwheel and replace the new washer, which can be used after the wheel installation.

No washer type faucet is not easy to be damaged, if need to be repaired, use the wrench to turn the stem nut, the internal combination piece is taken out, to the store to buy a new set of components, install to be able to use.