How to choose rain shower head?

- Nov 08, 2018-

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What are the tips for choosing a shower head?

Is the nozzle a good plastic or a good copper?

In fact, it is not necessary to choose all-copper for the shower heads of ordinary households. The top spray is generally 304 stainless steel or imported plastic is quite good.

The copper top spray is just expensive, and it is not necessary for everyone to think. Generally good plastic hand spray is fine.

The intensity of the shower's water is largely determined by the level of water pressure in your home. Copper hand spray is too heavy, heat-conducting, and it is easy to break away from the bathroom cabinet or wash basin, which is not worth the candle.

However, the main body of the shower must be copper, and the faucet and the hardware shower faucet are all better and more beautiful with all-copper.

Of course, if you consider the price, stainless steel can be the second choice.

Self-cleaning effect of the nozzle must be tried

For the previous shower heads, the outlet holes are mostly hidden inside, and now the shower heads mostly expose the outlet holes to the outside.

In view of the characteristics of the current water quality, the water outlet of the rubber texture is easier to clean, it is not easy to produce scale, and it is more convenient to clean in the bath, and scrub with hands or cloth.

In addition, the water hole is prominent, and the water will be more natural.