How to choose the floor drain correctly

- May 08, 2018-

  Firstly, under any circumstances, the floor drain can completely deodorise. The deodorization function of the floor drain mainly depends on the sealing, and the consumer can select the floor drain of different sealing methods according to the location of the floor drain and the like.

 Secondly, the displacement of the floor drain must meet the requirements for use, and it should be large enough to allow the water to drain quickly even if there is no one at home and the water pipe bursts in the extreme. Displacement can be obtained by requesting a manual or test report. The appropriate displacement should be selected based on the inner diameter of the ground leakage mouth and the different use locations.

 Thirdly, the filtration function must be thorough. Insufficient filtration function will cause foreign matter to clog the pipeline. Cleaning will be very troublesome. If the pore size of the filter is not suitable, the time interval for cleaning the foreign material is too short, which also increases the consumer's burden. Experts suggest that the best filter mesh size is between 5mm and 8mm. This will not only prevent foreign objects from falling into the pipe, but also remove foreign materials for 3 to 5 months.


Fourthly, the use of time should be long enough, do not always switch. Some mechanical floor drains use plastic as the core. The characteristics of plastics is that they will be brittle after three to five years of use. This type of floor drain core requires high-frequency activity, so that the function of floor drain is not stable enough, and various problems may arise. It needs to be replaced. .

 Fifth, the purchase of floor drains also needs to be determined according to the location of use. For example, the amount of flushing in the shower is the largest. In order to ensure that the water can be quickly drained without standing water, the floor drain volume needs to be very large. In addition, the instantaneous amount of water flowing through the washing machine is extremely high, and instantaneous pressure on the water pipe Very big. Experts suggest that if the conditions permit, the best solution is not to use floor drains, but to use dedicated pipe drainage, if only to choose the floor drain, then the best buffer installed at the outlet, so that the instantaneous water pressure becomes smaller, and to use Floor drain for washing machine.