How to identify the bathroom faucet in the home decoration

- Oct 13, 2017-

The faucet is the "conductor" of water, with the highest frequency, the faucet has various shapes and models. First of all, quality is the key to the valve core. At present the main market is ceramic valve core, ball valve core and rubber valve core. Ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core material, good sealing performance, stable physical performance, long service life, normal use in more than 10 years. The main body is made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy), and of course the overall casting performance is the best.


1. Structure: 1. Single handle class. It has the characteristics of flexible switch, long service life and convenient adjustment of temperature. 2. The tap with a 90 degree switch. Characteristics on the basis of the traditional double handle, using ceramic chip seal, 90 - degree rotating the handle when the switch cock, adjusted points on both sides of the hot and cold water, easy to open, diverse styles, modelling is various. 3. Traditional spiral stabilisation tap (rubber seal). Large amounts of water and low prices (which are now less used). 4. Stainless steel hollow ball seal and stem seal faucet. Commonly used for import bibcock, some even all temperature control, the price is more expensive.

2. The functions are divided into: 1. There are two outlet ports, one for the shower and the other for the shower. 2. Double basin. It is used in all kinds of basin of toilet, the outlet is shorter and lower, mainly used for washing and cleansing. 3. Multi-functional kitchen. It is usually a duplex, with cold and hot water. The outlet is high, the front end of the head is longer, some even have a hose, which can be rotated in many angles for washing.

How to choose: 1. First look at the surface. The main body is made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy). After grinding, it is coated with chrome and other surface treatments. The normal casting and surface treatment of normal products have strict process requirements, and they should be free of rust during the corresponding period. Therefore, select the faucet, should pay attention to its surface, hand feel without burrs, observe no stoma, etching, no oxidation spot, crystal clear shine, feel the coating thickness. The surface coating has galvanized, titanium plating, spray paint and so on. The coating thickness is good, it can be used to observe whether the coating surface is bright. The plating layer of import bibcock is thicker, not easy to shed and oxidize. The electroplating layer should protect the film, and the electroplating layer without protective film is easy to fade.

2. Gently turn the handle, whether it is light and flexible, without blocking and heavy feeling. Switch seamless, unimpeded, non-skidding the tap is better. The gap of inferior quality is big, obstructed feeling is big. 3, knock the main body, whether the sound is depressing, and carefully observe bibcock interface, whether it is copper body, if the sound is crisp when knock, can be stainless steel and so on material, certainly want to be inferior. Look at the main parts of the faucet, especially if the main parts are closely assembled. The good body and handle are all made of brass, and the weight is heavy and heavy.

4. Inspect all parts of the inspection and observe whether the assembly is tight or loose. General single handle mixed water basin faucet is accompanied by installation dimension drawing and instruction manual. Before installation use, should open the commodity packaging inspection certificate and so on, lest use "three no" product. If it is the import goods should be more careful. In addition, the accessories should be checked if the accessories are complete, and the general parts should be equipped with (1) a set of fixed bolts and fixed pieces of copper and gaskets; (2) full set of basin jacquard depots; (3) two inlet pipes. The wei wei space that advocates recreational orientation recently, use line to let the space recombine, achieve relaxed and agile effect on the vision. Consumers can find, sanitary ware manufacturer are not just selling products, more in the promotion of leisure and health bath to enjoy two factors, especially under the trend of the modern people pay more and more attention to the quality that occupy the home, the interpretation of the space that defend bath is not just a bath, must have a relax, precipitation, the utility of mind, make yourself more healthy and even a space.