How to install a shower ?

- Sep 18, 2017-

According to the survey, there are many stores that will add a installation fee when you buy the shower , although the price is not expensive, but for consumers it is not cost-efficient. In fact, shower installation is not difficult, as long as you master the shower height , you can finish the whole installation. Now we'll show you the shower installation method and shower installation height.

Shower installation method steps

1, first prepared to install the shower need a few tools: drill, screwdriver, ruler, hammer (if the lack of drilling, hammer and other tools can be to the bathroom hardware store rental);

2, look at the instructions, and then measure the size with a tape measure to determine the location of the shower installation and shower installation height, and do a good job marking;

3, the shower seat on the marked location, and then use the pencil marked the need to punch the specific location;

4, based on the location just done, in the wall hole;

5, put the expansion sleeve into the hole, and then the accessories in the circular bottom cover with screws tightened on the wall;

6, the shower rod installed to the wall, the first fixed point after the stability of the live, and then fixed below the location;

7, in determining the fixed point of the internal angle screw all screwed in, and then make detailed adjustments;

8, the shower hose on the tightened, and then install the installation of hand-held shower, the end of the entire installation process.

What is the height of the shower installation?

For the installation of the height of the shower, the industry has a clear requirement, according to the type of shower is divided into two kinds, one is the dark shower, the other is the shower. According to the relevant provisions: dark shower wall buried underground outlet center should be 2.1 meters from the ground, shower switch center from the ground is best for the 1.1 meters; Ming lift the shower head is generally sprinkled out of the water for the definition of the shower The height of the installation is preferably 2 meters from the ground. But this provision is dead, and people are alive, so in actual use, the shower installation height is entirely with the individual will, as long as their own use of comfort, whether the height of the shower is how much there is no relationship.

Read the above information on the shower installation method steps and shower installation height is how much the introduction, you do not think the shower is a very difficult thing to install, as long as the corresponding tool to find, hands-on DIY, only need Half an hour can be installed.