How to install shower holder?

- Jul 19, 2018-

Installation procedure of Shower Holder:

1. Install two sprinkler mounts. The shower head is recommended to be 1.2 meters above ground and 1.8 meters above ground.

2. First, put the decorative cup into the thread of the flower holder. After wrapping the raw material belt, twist the left and right flower spreader bracket into the joint of the cold and hot water pipe respectively.

3. Adjust the distance between the front end of the left and right shower holder to 9 cm, and the height is consistent, and the distance is consistent with the wall.

4. Put the stop water washer into the water inlet hole behind the tap body, and then install the flower sprinkler head onto the shower holder.

5. Install outlet nozzle.

6. Install sprinkler pipe and sprinkler head.

shower holder