How to install the height of the shower?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Because bathroom accessories is relatively hind installation, early period needs to design the position of toilet all things. When a lot of customers are decorating a house, the design that neglected toilet, what ask when installing conduit is not professional installation worker, did not install water course according to the standard, cause flower to asperate installation position is not tall namely low, wall brick has stuck, change again difficult, today I tell everybody the relevant content that flower asperses installation height.


The installation height of the shower is divided into two categories according to the type of shower:

1. Dark buy flower is aspersed, dark outfit is beautiful asperse metope outlet position, standard should be apart from the ground for 2.1 meters. And shower switch distance ground is better for 1.1 meters, this position facilitates bathing to control water flow size and temperature regulation.

2. Mingzhuang flower sprinkling, now mingzhuang flower sprinkling are equipped with lifting rod, flower sprinkling switch position is 1.1 meters away from the ground. It should be noted that these heights are the actual installation heights, the height between the sprinkler switch and the floor tile. The thickness of floor tiles should be taken into account when hydraulic workers install waterways.

Since the data is only average, it can also be adjusted according to the height of the user when installing in the waterway. The conduit of shower switch should be left hot right cold, central space should be 15cm.

In addition, consider the water pressure of tap water, high floor area have pressurization equipment, household tap water pressure is not small, so in general, we want to control the water pressure within 1.5 kg, so that the water pressure is suitable for take a shower, if the water pressure will cause the flower is aspersed top gush blowout, the water pressure is too small, shower can't normal use.