How to Maintain Bathtub

- Nov 02, 2017-

As the living standard unceasing enhancement, people's requirement for sanitary ware, the use of bath crock is also more and more frequent.Than shower bath crock can bring more comfortable bath, after I come home from work after a day of busy work comfortably to soak in a hot tub, let small make up to introduce to you today about how to maintain the bath and bath tub material which is ok.
How to maintain bath
First, timely repair scars
Tub installed do not remove, need to move, must contact professionals.Don't use rigid, bump surface, resulting in damaged or scratched.Yakeli bath crock to repair dull or scratch part, usable and clean dishcloth mixed colorless automatic polishing solution is wiped, hard and then coated with a layer of colorless protection wax.Please do not wax in and around area, to prevent slippery.Bathtub seems to be not home network, the most professional home decoration portal, a necessary between wei yu, but the bath, everyone has a dream.Design and development in technology, folk purchase and use bath crock when run into problems and doubts, now has the further solution.Reevaluation of bath crock and choose the suitable one.
Second, the mild processing surface stains
Can dip in with abandoned soft toothbrush bleach water scrub the surface, already can purify besmirch, also can eliminate mildew.Encounter difficult to wipe besmirch, also can use half a lemon dipped in salt, also can use soft toothbrush with whitening function of toothpaste scrub, turpentine in at this time is also very good.For scale, clean the toilet with daily products useful, if you don't like the taste of the pungent network add white vinegar, which can also be used lemon home outfit more natural way.Don't use cleaner with fading function, especially when home bath crock with color.Against mildew and fungus disease bacteria, with bleach water and dry immediately after oxygen water flushing.
Third, processing pipeline plugging and disinfection on time at any time
Pipe to clean up once or twice a week, then remove smell, and prevent bacterial growth.Can use special clean sewage products, infuse into the sewer, 5 minutes after cleaning, be careful not to use in the metal tube.Bathtub if blocked, can will go to the first water valve is closed, and then put the right amount of water in the bathtub;Place the rubber aspirator (dredge the toilet use) on to the water valves;At the same time in the open to the water valve, choke up basin or bath crock of spillway hole;And then draw up and down quickly, the dirt or hair pulled out, clean up in time.In the case of congestion is more serious, can be repeated several times, until the clear clean.Bathtub seems not necessary between wei yu, but the bath, everyone has a dream.Design and development in technology, folk purchase and use bath crock when run into problems and doubts, now has the further solution.Reevaluation of bath crock and choose the suitable one.
Fourth, weekly cleaning
Should be used when cleaning yakeli bath crock sponge or flannelette, don't use cloth, microfiber cloth, do not use any detergent containing granular objects, it is best to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature contact with cigarette butts.Available mild cleansing agents (e.g., the dishes detergent), do not use abrasive cleaning agents.Yakeli bath crock can also use glass cleaning water.

Which Bathtub material is really good
First, acrylic
Yakeli bath crock using synthetic organic materials, the characteristic is modelling is rich, light weight, good surface finish, and the price is low, but as a result of synthetic organic material is high temperature resistant ability is poor, withstand voltage ability is poor, not wear-resisting, surface aging faults, so the yakeli bath crock in the use of less than three years but not more than few bathtub surface discoloration.Manufacturers in the production, however, some brands have adopted imported high brightness, high hardness, special acrylic wei yu, to some extent, overcome the drawbacks of acrylic.If consumer is when the choose and buy think oneself to the use frequency of bath crock is lower, or within a few years to decorate a house, so, yakeli bath crock is due to the good performance-to-price ratio, is more suitable for this type of consumer.
Advantages: cost, good heat preservation effect, modelling is rich variety.
Disadvantages: surface are easy to be hard to take.
Second, cast iron
Cast iron made of cast iron bathtub covered enamel surface, so the weight is big, not easy to produce noise when using;Because the casting process is complicated, so cast iron bathtub general modelling the single and the price is very expensive.
Pros: durable, water flooding low noise, easy to clean.
Weakness: the price is too high, heavy weight, installation and transportation is difficult.
Three, wooden class
Solid wood bathtub often choose woodiness hard, dense, good anti-corrosion performance of materials, such as spruce, oak, pine, cedar wood, solid wood bath bucket on the market for common material is qualitative with cedar trees.According to some brand solid wood palace home building materials city guide in bath crock, solid wood bathtub in addition to give people the feeling that find everything new and fresh, and easy to clean, with no natural advantages, such as static electricity, environmental protection, can wash clean with clear water after the bath, daily maintenance more simple, solid wood bathtub hygrophilous afraid dry, often with water infiltration, avoid exposure.
Advantage: insulation strong sex, the cylinder body is deeper, full body.
Weakness: the price is higher, need to the maintenance, deformation is leaking.
Four, steel plate
Steel bath is a traditional manufacturing bathtub material, the plate cylinder is made of blocks of about 2 mm thickness of bath crock of special steel plate after stamping forming, surface and made of enamel treatment, it has many characteristics, such as wear-resisting, heat resistance, pressure, weight between cast iron cylinder with acrylic cylinder, heat preservation effect is lower than the cast iron cylinder, but the service life is long, the overall high cost performance, so a lot of consumer choice when decorate plate cylinder.
Advantage: the price is, quality of a material is lightweight, easy to install.
Weakness: the heat preservation effect is poor, water injection noise big, modelling is more monotonous.