How to maintain sanitary hose to prevent leakage

- Oct 17, 2017-

In the use of bathroom supplies, sanitary hose is one of the most frequently damaged products. The joint of tube and flower is aspersed by a screw nut to fix are connected to the flower is aspersed hose, with the passage of time, use the increase, the number of fixed screw nut gradually loosened easily, rust corrosion and even falls off phenomenon caused by leakage. So how do we maintain the hose? Xiamen sanitary hose manufacturer has collected the following points:


1, in the process of our bath, shower hose pull is the most frequent, and pull the amplitude is large, for a long time can cause damage the hose into the shower place rupture and leak. Therefore, in the process of bathing, we should pay due attention to the strength and amplitude of the pull, so as to reduce the damage to the hose.
2. After the bath is completed, it is best to smooth the hose into a natural state and place the flowers on the back rack. This can effectively prevent water leakage from corrosion of metal sanitary hose.