How to maintain the ceramic basin ?

- Mar 27, 2018-

How to maintain the ceramic basin

1. Avoid putting items on the basin, and you must change this bad habit.

2. Some bathrooms have dressing tables. The make-up plates on the walls above the washbasins cannot be equipped with daily necessities for enlargement. A storage cabinet should be set up to facilitate the collection of daily necessities and to avoid the prevention of makeup plates.

3. Peacetime cleaning: porcelain appearance soft bristles or sponge dip neutral detergent cleaning, but avoid washing with hot water, so as to avoid cracking the basin. If you want to use basin water, you should put cold water and then put hot water to avoid burns.

4. Regular maintenance: The reservoir head below the wash basin can be easily removed, and the accumulated stains can be taken out regularly to keep the wash basin free from water.

5. Regularly check whether there is any dark cracks in the washbasin in your home. The detection method is to fill the basin with water and pour colored pigments into it for one night. If there is a dark crack phenomenon, you can see the color stripe clearly.

6. When cleaning the basin, use sponges and detergents as far as possible. Do not use crumb cloth. Do not use hard brushes, alkaline chemicals, or solvents to scrub. Otherwise, small scratches will form on the surface of the basin. Rough operation and easy deposition of dirt.

7. The conductivity of porcelain and glass is extremely small. If it is heated rapidly, it will be broken. When using the basin, attention should be paid to the temperature difference. The wash basin should also avoid external force collision, so as to avoid rupture of the wash basin.

8. There is also a sub-embedded wash basin, which needs to be taken care of during cleaning. The dead space at the joint below the table with the wash basin is the focus of removal.