How to Repair a Leaking Shower Head

- Aug 24, 2017-

How to Repair a Leaking Shower Head?

Step 1. 

            Use a ruler to measure about 8" long on the teflon tape. Then use a pair of scissors to cut it.

Step 2.

  • 1. Place the wrench on the shower head mount. Adjust the wrench to fit tightly on the mount.

  •      Note: For showerheads with shiny finishes, use a rag between the showerhead and the            wrench to prevent scratching off the finish.

  • 2. Turn the wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the showerhead, then unscrew it the rest of the way by hand to remove it.

  •      Note: Be careful not to have the shower head fall down and hit yourself when taking it down.

Step 3.

  • 1. Place and hold one end of the tape on the threads at the end of the shower arm (the pipe coming out of the wall).

    • Teflon tape likes to stick to itself, so be careful not to let it fold over itself, or you'll be unfolding it all day.

  • 2. While taking care to keep the tape flat, wrap it clockwise around the threads, completely covering them and wrapping back over itself to stick.

    • Be sure to wrap the tape clockwise, so that as you tighten the showerhead it won't unravel the tape.

Step 4.

    1. Thread the showerhead back onto the shower arm.

    2. Spin it on a few times to get it hand tight.

Step 5.

  • 1. Test out the showerhead with your hand tightening first. If it still leaks, you may need to wrench on it a bit to seal things up.

  • 2. Again, use the rag trick if your showerhead is shiny and you could scratch off the finish.

Step 6.

  • 1. The tape is replaced! However this may not have solved your problem. If the showerhead still leaks from the joint with the shower arm, there may be dirt or debris in the joint, or damaged threads on the shower arm.

  • 2. Try tightening the showerhead a little more with your wrench, or reapplying teflon tape to ensure a good layer.