Installation Points Of Showerhead

- Feb 13, 2020-

Installation points of showerhead:

During the installation of the shower, there are a few things to note to ensure the quality of the shower installation.

1. Determine the installation height of the showerhead

When determining the installation height of the shower, the installer determines the most suitable height according to the trial situation of the owner on-site, so that the owner can use it in the future.

2. Determine the hole spacing and height of hot and cold water

The center hole distance of the hot and cold water of the shower faucet in the general market is 15 cm, and there will be two S connectors inside, which can adjust the distance appropriately, and the error cannot exceed 1 cm.

3.Protect faucets and other hardware

时 When tightening the faucet, the careful person will wrap the faucet's screw cap with a thicker cloth or plastic film to prevent the faucet from being messed up by the wrench.

4. Pay attention to clean up after installation

During the installation process, it is inevitable that some dust and dirt will be generated. After the installation is completed, it should be cleaned up, especially the newly-renovated pipeline has a lot of impurities. Failure to clean the pipeline will affect the water outlet effect. Make sure the site is clean and can be rinsed with water.