It is prudent to use a trademark for misappropriation of a trademark

- Oct 13, 2017-

In the home installation process, the installation wei yu product is the last step. If something goes wrong in this link, it will definitely affect the mood. Therefore, choosing good sanitary products is very important.

Misappropriation of a trademark is false

Nowadays, fake goods are flying in the sky, which are fake and can't be discernible.

This phenomenon is often encountered when buying bricks, tiles, stones, coatings, and plates. The average consumer is not very knowledgeable, often will appear to pay the price of high quality product, buy home is the second grade, the third grade, even the condition of the defective goods.

Zhang guanli avoid detection

Unscrupulous companies generic brand or best-selling products, use the test report and product manuals, as their own trademark, vigorously promote fundamental not through testing products, is already an open secret in the sanitary ware industry.

Ignoring the standard, shoddy work

Some illegal manufacturers use the consumer not to understand the building materials professional knowledge, ignore the country concerned standard to carry out production, nature will harm the interest of the consumer. Cylinder body and the thickness of the plate of a kind of ceramic products, for example, there are clear rules, the manufacturer to produce a product thickness is not enough, still can openly selling in the market, consumers buy back home, will inevitably be in use.

Try to make a profit by stealing a lot of money

Most of this kind of phenomenon appeared in the "foreign brands" and "quasi foreign brands", some surfing bath crock in the brand of import or joint venture, claimed that all imported components, products such as key components of the electric system actually is at local manufacturing.