Sanitary ware contrast: braided hose and bellows

- Oct 17, 2017-

Shower hose is a very important part of the accessories of sanitary ware, which is indispensable in our daily life. Braided hoses and bellows are common in the market, and talk about the differences between these two products today.


The components are different. The braided pipe is composed of inner tube, gasket, steel sleeve, nut and so on. The bellows are composed of tube body, hexagonal cap, gasket and plastic cover.
The performance of the two is different. Braided hose is usually prepared by six ply stainless steel wire, with good flexibility, also has outstanding performance in the riot side, but the diameter is small, the water flow is not large; Corrugated pipe pipe shaft is uneven, there is no inner tube, only the outer tube, the tube body than braided hose harder, if appear bent many times in the same place, possible rupture, leakage phenomenon.
The advantages and disadvantages of the two are:
Bellows: the advantage is that the inner tube has high temperature tolerance, and it has good corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance. It is suitable to use as a sanitary hose for heating system. The disadvantage is that the flexibility is poor and the market is more expensive.
Woven hose: good flexibility; The inner tube is high quality rubber with good anti-aging, anti-oxidation and sealing property, and the price is cheaper. The disadvantage is that the process is more complex, and it is not as strong as the bellows.