Sanitary ware for the collection of knowledge

- Oct 13, 2017-


Now the person is attaching more and more attention to the decoration of wei yu, this matter because of living standard ceaseless rise, pay attention to the function of the bathroom not only, also need to want beautiful degree at the same time. However, bathroom decoration is the most complicated part of home decoration, for most people, it is like a busy war. In fact, as long as the key point is mastered, it is not difficult to make the decoration battle beautiful.

Sanitary ware for sanitary ware

Sanitary ware is an indispensable part of modern architecture. To meet the functional requirements, we should also consider the new phase of energy conservation and water conservation. Sanitary ware has a wide variety of sanitary wares, but the common requirement is that it is smooth, impervious to water, corrosion resistant, cold and hot, easy to clean and durable.

At present domestic commonly used bathroom sanitary ware has the following several kinds:

Sanitary ware (1) washbasin: it can be divided into three types: hanging, column, and table.

Sanitary ware (2) toilet: it can be divided into two categories: impact and siphon. The shape can be divided into two types: conjoined and split. The new type of toilet seat also has the function of heat preservation and clean body.

Sanitary ware (3) bathtub: variety of shapes. According to bath wash mode, take bath, lie bath. Take a bath with a sink. According to function cent have bubble bath crock and jacuzzi. The material can be divided into acrylic tubs, steel tubs, cast iron baths, etc.

Sanitary ware (4) shower room: it consists of door panel and bottom basin. The shower door panel is divided into three kinds: ps plate, FRP plate and toughened glass. The shower room covers a small area and is suitable for showers.

Sanitary ware (5) clean body basin: special for women. At present domestic household use less.

Sanitary ware (6) urinal fighting: for men only. The use frequency is increasing in decorating and decorating.

Sanitary ware (7) hardware accessories: the patterns are different. In addition to the above mentioned cleaning accessories, including all kinds of water bill, glass bracket, towel rack (ring) soap cylinder, toilet paper cylinder, shower curtain, anti-mist mirror and so on.

Choose sanitary ware to pay attention to its ceramic quality. High quality clean with its glazed surface, without needle eye, air bubble, unglazed, gloss uneven, etc.; It is crisp and crisp with hands. Inferior sanitary ware often has the sand eye, bubble, lack of glaze, even have slight deformation, the sound that makes when striking is more depressing.

Should pay attention to the following points in choosing sanitary ware:

Bathroom sanitary ware choose and choose a face, the sanitary ware has the choice of face implement, sit implement, bath crock or add woman washer 4 big level and the floor tile of toilet and wall brick color collocation should coordinate.

Bathroom sanitary ware choose to pay attention 2, before choosing the toilet seat should be clear whether the toilet reserved drain is the drainage or horizontal drainage.

Bathroom sanitary ware choose and buy notice 3, in how to choose water saving type to sit in toilet, so the toilet is water-saving, can not light the size of water tank,.

Sanitary ware note 4 of choose and buy, how to distinguish by the quality of sanitary ceramics, generally high quality sanitary ware glaze is bright and clean, no pond, flat, eye of a needle, and the phenomenon such as lack of glaze color, with a hard ceramic the sound of the knock is ringing.

The matching product style tones must match

The ceramic piece quantity of toilet is more than one piece, several pottery and porcelain products such as sit implement, wash basin, soap box, hand paper box, mop pool wait for modelling color only agree or close, ability harmonious beautiful.

Ceramic sanitary ware appearance quality three kinds of judgment

(1) whether there is cracking: using a fine stick to crack the edge of the porcelain piece to hear whether the sound is crisp, and when there is a "hoarse" sound, it proves that the porcelain is cracked.

(2) deformation size: the porcelain pieces are placed on a flat platform, and the activity checks in each direction are smooth and symmetrical. The surface of the installation surface and the surface of the porcelain parts are flat, and the installation holes are smooth and smooth.

(3) glaze quality: the glaze must be smooth and smooth, and the glaze color is uniform. Can meet especially water can splash wet glaze quality is particularly important, drip with color of drip of color of drip of color on glaze to wipe evenly, after a few seconds use wet cloth dry, check glaze, have no dirty mark is good.