Sanitary ware installation precautions

- Oct 15, 2017-

Bathroom sanitary ware is one of the most frequently used household products. Product only good quality + good installation can reflect good value. Choose and buy the bath sanitary ware that satisfied, how high quality installation still needs the owner to spend a bit of thought.

The construction of installation is still mainly the worker completes, I here mainly mentions the worker how to operate the specification, how to check and accept valid

One, the toilet

1. The back of the tank with water tank and the water tank should not be greater than 20mm.

2. The height of the overflow pipe in the flush tank should be lower than the wrench hole 30 ~ 40mm to prevent water from spillage from the wrench hole when the inlet valve is damaged.

2. Wash basin

1. The flat surface of the bath tub must be calibrated with a horizontal ruler

2. The sink and drain connection should be solid and easy to remove, and the connection shall not be exposed. Wash basin and metope contact department apply silicon paste caulking.

3. Shower

1, in general, shower head and faucet is supporting installation, leading 70-80 - cm off the ground, shower column is 1.1 meters high, taps and shower column joint length for 10 to 20 centimeters, flower is aspersed is apart from the ground 2.1-2.2 m high, when consumer is bought, we must give full consideration to the bathroom space.

2. Cold and hot water supply pipes do not carry the reverse. In general, the water supply pipe on the left side of the faucet and the water supply pipe on the right side. Except for special signs. After installation, remove the bubbler, spray and other easy plugging parts, let the water flow out, remove the impurities completely, and then reload.

Notice of acceptance

1. The toilet is too close to the glass door

The distance between the toilet and the glass partition door is too narrow because of the too many cleaning tools.

Only one foot can be lowered, which may affect the comfort level of the toilet.

2. Don't measure the wrong board

Toilet downcomer diameter is 11 cm, 33 cm distance wall, due to the coarse when haven't stick the ground tile, inconsistent results and after the shop is stuck, cause and actual delivery does not match.

3. The installation of cold water port is not in place

Shower bibcock mouth hot and cold water in the water and electricity transformation, not installed, resulting in pack S tube, screw and bibcock not fully fit, part of the bare tube circle, not beautiful, but not influence use.