Shower Accessories for Sale

- Jun 28, 2018-

shower accessories for sale

Composition of shower accessories

1, top spray shower head, top gush is indispensable for shower accessories, home of the handheld shower before did not top gush wash up enough, the top nozzle has the branch of round and square, generally between 200-250 - mm in diameter, is composed of panel, drainage holes and universal ball, the material is divided into abs material, pure copper and stainless steel material and other alloy materials.

2. Faucet, the most important thing of flower sprinkler is the main body of the faucet. The accessories in it are precise and can control all the way of water discharge. Is composed of water distributor, handle and main body. The main body of the tap is generally made of brass. Now some manufacturers have stainless steel body, but the price is higher, and the precision is not as high as brass. The water distributor has a built-in valve core. The best material of the valve core at present is ceramic valve core. It is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

3. The shower pipe connects the hard pipe between the tap and the top sprinkler head, and is made of copper, stainless steel and other alloy materials. Now can lift the top of the flower is aspersed in the shower pipe has 20-35 cm drop tube, usually 30 cm above the top of the head is a reasonable height of bath, low won't feel too depressed and even meet, also can't let too much water.

4. The shower hose connects the hand shower hose and the tap hose. It consists of stainless steel cladding, inner tube and connecting head.

5. Hand-held flower sprinkles can be washed by hand. It is convenient for children and old people to use and made of plastic.

6. The tap can rotate when it is not used. When it is not used, it is leaning against the wall. When it is used, it is rotating, especially for washing towels and underwear.

7. The fixed base is special for sprinkling.