Shower Installation Process Should Pay Attention To The Details

- Jan 14, 2020-

Shower installation details to pay attention to during installation

1. Determine the mounting holes

In the mixed water valve and the comparison of the sprinkler lifting rod, with a ruler to measure the installation hole, and then with a black pen to trace the hole distance size.

2. Drilling and mounting joints

Use a drilling machine to drill holes according to the previously described dimensions and install the S-type joint. The connector should be wrapped with raw tape, and the number of turns must not be less than 30, which can prevent the water pipe from leaking. Install the shower lifter and eccentric, and then cover the decorative cover.

3.Mounting bracket

Take out the shower faucet, put the footpad into the nut, then connect it with the S-bend joint, and fully tighten the nut with a wrench. Use a spirit level to measure whether the faucet is level.

4.Installation of hoses, etc.

Connect the stainless steel hose of the small shower with the transfer switch, and fix the other end of the hose with the small shower by hand.


Link the top spray to the top of the bracket and fix it with a wrench.