Shower room glass 6 clean skill

- Oct 16, 2017-

Shower room is the main structure of the glass and metal accessories, glass look at bright luster, but glass stain easily gathered between wei yu, in the long term stubborn stains agglomeration is hard to removed. Looking at very clean glass in the distance, you can see that there are stains everywhere and you can wipe them clean, because you don't know the right way to clean them. Today specially bring shower room glass cleaning skill specially for everyone, six lets you sweep the stubborn stain completely, no longer need to worry about sanitary sanitary!

Shower room glass 6 clean skill


Clean method 1

Pour a few shampoo into the basin, stir and evenly, dip with dishcloth, this can make vitreous door exceptionally clean and bright.

Cleaning method 2

Put chalk ash water or gypsum powder in the glass door beforehand, after drying the glass, wipe with dry cleaning cloth, can remove the stain, wipe the glass clean.

Clean method 3

For the aged dirt accumulated in the corner of the glass door, half of the cool and half water will be used to mix well, then put it in the spray bottle, then spray it on the glass, then wipe it gently with the old newspaper.

Clean method 4

Occasionally, the glass door will have black spots, which can be wiped with a cloth dip.

Clean method 5

The use of plastic wrap and a wet cloth sprayed with detergents can also make the glass door, which is often stained with oil, "reborn". First, the glass door will be sprayed with detergent, and then the plastic film will soften the solidified oil. After ten minutes, tear off the plastic wrap and wipe with a wet cloth. If there is handwriting on the glass door, rub it with rubber, then wipe it with a wet cloth. If there is paint on glass door, usable cotton dip hot vinegar to scrub. Use a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol to polish the glass to make it light like crystal.

Cleaning method 6

The mirror of toilet is stained with grease, usable dishcloth, take tea water to clean, but do not let tea water infiltrate the edge of the mirror or the back, lest damage the coating on the back of the mirror. Also usable soft cloth or gauze, dip in some kerosene or wax to wipe, must not wipe with wet cloth directly, otherwise the mirror will be more blurred. Dirty mirror can also be used cloth dip in pure alcohol or white vinegar to water, also usable white radish slice is scrubbed, then dry with dry cloth. Wipe the mirror with the cloth that dip in milk, picture frame, can restore clear, light.