Shower Showerhead selection and maintenance method

- Jul 11, 2017-

If you buy shower, you must have bought it. Also need to know how to see good and bad, well shower to ensure that each gush water distribution is basically the same, followed by the nozzle, well-designed flower shower to ensure that each spray hole distribution of water is basically the same, so choose shower showers must look at the effluent. Again look at the coating, in general, the brighter the surface of the shower, the better the plating process. Finally look at the spool, good valve core with very high hardness of ceramic made, smooth, wear-resistant, eliminate Paomaodilou.

Because the shower uses electroplating technology, different from other sanitary products, so in the maintenance method above also have different, shower showerhead, top spray maintenance is an easy to let a person more neglected problems. Although it can be Lebouton and other shower room brand shop staff counseling, but mastering certain maintenance knowledge is necessary.

Shower showers, top spray precautions and maintenance:

1. When the use of a longer time, if the flower sprinkler no regular intermittent flow, then there is debris through the water hole, at this time only need to gently touch the flower sprinkle the soft glue of the outlet, the small debris will automatically fill out.

2. The shower head metal hose should maintain the natural stretch state, does not need to keep it coiled on the faucet. At the same time, when using or not, pay attention to the hose and valve body joints do not form dead corners, so as not to break or damage hose.

3. Do not use powder, polishing powder and other particles containing detergent detergent or nylon to scrub.

4. Because the acidic detergent can erode the electroplating layer, the cleaning and washing should not be used; If you use acidic scrubbing tiles, rinse the shower immediately and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

5. When the faucet is very dirty, first use a moderate amount of diluted neutral washing soft cloth to wipe it clean, and then rinse with water to prevent the head stain.

6. When you do not need a faucet for a long time, please close your home intake valve.