Shower Surface Mounted Vs The Concealed Installation

- Apr 20, 2020-

Speaking of the difference between the bathroom shower surface mounted and concealed, first of all from the respective definitions of the two, and the characteristics of the two are also different. For details, please take a look at the following detailed introduction

1. Surface-mounted shower head:

The showerhead is directly installed on the wall, which is characterized in that the main body of the water control and the hand shower are all installed on the water supply port reserved on the wall.

2. Concealed shower:

The water supply pipeline of the bathroom shower is pre-buried in the bathroom wall in advance, only the showerhead and the switch are exposed. The sprinkler water outlet pipe is also connected to the wall.

3. Surface-mounted shower:

(1) The installation is simple and convenient, and the maintenance is also relatively easy.

(2) The main body of water control and the water supply hose is exposed outside the wall, which is visually unattractive.

(3) Occupying bathroom space, bumps may occur.

4. Concealed shower:

(1) It does not take up bathroom space, it is visually simple and elegant.

(2) The pipeline needs to be pre-buried in advance, which is a little troublesome to install, and later maintenance and care are also troublesome.